How to Become a Participant:

Calling All Volunteers!!!



Volunteers play a valuable part in MCSRA's programs. With volunteers, we create opportunities where participants can receive more individualized attention. Some of the Association’s recreation programs run between 4 and 10 weeks in length and we request volunteers to commit for the entire season. Programs consist of a variety of activities including but not limited to assisting at sporting events, cultural arts, social groups and Special Olympics sports. Most weekly programs meet once a week and are 2 hours in duration. In addition to weekly programs, one day special event opportunities may also be available for individual or group volunteering. Come meet the amazing individuals we get to work with everyday. Check out our current brochure to keep up to date on program offerings. If you are interested in being involved or have any questions, please contact Jessica Stephens at (309)833-4562.

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Things to note while filling out the Special Olympics training : We are Area 4 Our Team Name is 'MCSRA'
Both applications must be submitted before volunteer work can begin.

MCSRA welcomes participants of all ages and ability levels in programs. Children, teens and adults can experience the benefits of involvement in recreation activities. Our programs have close staff-to-participant ratios to assist people with disabilities in achieving their greatest success. Program adaptations to accommodate a physical limitation are common in our adapted sports and fitness programs. Many of our programs enhance socialization and foster independence. Activities for youth-at-risk promote cooperation and social skills in a therapeutic and challenging setting. Call us to schedule a meeting in which we will discuss individual needs and desired goals related to therapeutic recreation and community integration. After the meeting, we can begin adding and building onto the individual's repertoire of skills and program involvement!


If you don't have the time or ability to Volunteer with us but still want to help then you might want to consider getting involved in our "Adopt An Athlete, Pledge For Participation" Fundraiser. The MCSRA serves over 70 Special Olympic athletes in the McDonough County community. We understand the importance of athletics and the benefits it can bring to an individual not only physically but socially and emotionally as well. Times are hard, especially for individuals with disabilities but we still want them to be involved. The MCSRA offers six different sports year round for individuals with disabilities. Each sport costs athletes anywhere from $20.00 - $25.00 depending upon the sport for the entire season, which includes practices, tournaments, travel to tournaments, etc. Although $20.00 - $25.00 may not seem like a lot, many of our athletes cannot afford this expense. We are asking you to Adopt an Athlete and provide an individual with the opportunity to participate or continue to participate in athletics and other recreational opportunities.  Call 309.833.4562 for more details.